Author Benefits

You have the opportunity to sell or resell any digital items on our platform, supported by a reliable licensing system and purchase verification. We prioritize offering items that are completely free from any bugs or errors, ensuring a smooth user experience. It is essential that the code of the items is clean and well-structured. We encourage you to price your items competitively, keeping them as affordable as possible. Additionally, providing lifetime free updates and offering free support to your customers will enhance their satisfaction and overall experience.

Receive 60% commission
  • Anysourcecode offers one of the highest commission rates. Enjoy a fair pay for your sales.
No exclusivity required
  • Your are not tied to our marketplace, you can keep selling your work on your own website.
Set your own prices
  • Enjoy the freedom of settings your own prices, you can always change pricing when you want.
Connect to buyers
  • Anysourcecode puts your products in front of thousands of potential buyers and takes care of a large part of the marketing of your products.
Payment & product delivery
  • You don't have to worry about accepting payments or delivering your product. Anysourcecode offers a complete infrastructure that takes care of the sale process, from payment to download delivery.
Network of over 150K+ members
  • Connect with other developers and designers from all over the globe.
What can you sell?
  • Scripts & Code
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • App Source Code
  • Graphics

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