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Droppy FTP

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All features

  • Support for multiple files
  • Support for folders and folder structures
  • Support for multiple recipients
  • Drag & Drop support
  • File previews and individual file downloads
  • Image thumbnail generator (for previewing uploaded images)
  • Share files using email
  • Share files using a link
  • Automatic file destruction after a specified time or amount of downloads
  • Password protect an upload
  • File encryption
  • Chunked file uploads
  • Email verification
  • Automatic upload resume on connection loss
  • Option to specify default upload recipients
  • User accounts
  • Require login for upload and/or download page
  • Fullscreen backgrounds (image / video)
  • Space for 2 different Adsense ads
  • Fully translatable and support for multiple languages
  • Built in contact form
  • Terms and about pages
  • Admin panel
  • Upload and download statistics
  • Change site settings
  • Manage all uploads and downloads
  • Manage all email templates
  • Manage all backgrounds
  • Manage users
  • Manage upload settings (max files, max size, expiration time, blocked file types etc.)
  • Set custom analytics code
  • Support for different themes
  • Easily modify theme colors
  • Built in auto-update feature (update Droppy with 1 click)
  • (optional) FTP and SFTP support using the FTP add-on for Droppy

Droppy is a comprehensive open-source, self-hosted online file sharing platform. It offers a robust set of features that makes file transfer and sharing a breeze for anyone, anytime, anywhere. With Droppy, you can effortlessly share multiple files or folders with friends, family, or colleagues through email or a unique link.

Droppy prioritizes your control over your data. By hosting your own file sharing platform, you know exactly where and how your data is stored, setting your own file limits without having to rely on a third-party service. You can host Droppy on your own server, tailoring your own limits, and retain full control over your data.

The platform offers flexibility with account management, allowing you to control who can upload or download files on your site. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies wanting to restrict file uploads to certain employees. Droppy ensures the safety of your files with automatic destruction after a specified time or after all recipients have downloaded the files.

Droppy enhances security with an advanced file encryption feature. When enabled, all stored files are encrypted using a unique key, ensuring that the files can only be decrypted through Droppy, providing an added layer of security for your files


V2.5.3 (3 September, 2023)
- Added option to create multi-language pages
- Moved about and terms pages to the new multi-language page system
- Improved plugin loading

V2.5.2 (8 July, 2023)
- Fixed issue that caused mail to be sent to empty email address on upload destruction
- Fixed dark mode issue for uploads table in admin panel
- Added SMTP connection tester to admin panel email settings
- Added option to admin panel to set frontend date format
- Added option to admin panel to set session expiration timeout

V2.5.1 (21 May, 2023)
- Added support for PHP 8.2+
- New documentation content and styling
- Fixed admin panel uploads page navigation issue
- Improved authentication
- Updated spanish translation

V2.5.0.1 (13 March, 2023)
- Small patch update for issue with premium add-on

V2.5.0 (13 March, 2023)
- Added thumbnail generation for "large" images when file preview is enabled
- Added improved uploads table to admin panel including the option to filter records
- Added uploads export option to admin panel
- Improved file preview layout
- Increased length of background path and url
- Decreased concurrent uploads to prevent possible server issues and improve performance
- Fixed some styling issues for the premium add-on
- Changes for upcoming premium add-on update

V2.4.9 (12 February, 2023)
- Fixed issue that caused upload button to no longer work after clicking it once when the fields are empty
- Updated translation files

V2.4.8 (30 January, 2023)
- Added confirm delete upload page when file sender deletes upload
- Added extra info to self-destruct option in admin panel
- Added message to admin panel when using PHP 8.2 or higher
- Fixed upload spamming by blocking the upload button until upload starts
- Fixed error issues in log
- Fixed missing assets errors
- Fixed issue that caused htaccess to get removed from temp upload folder
- Updated plugin list in admin panel

V2.4.7 (14 November, 2022)
- Fixed issue that caused upload folders to stay on the webserver when external storage plugin was installed.
- Fixed limit issue on admin user page
- Fixed email recipient list splitting
- Changed some parts of the user authorization process
- Changed droppy log to download button
- Updated translation files

V2.4.6 (13 October, 2022)
- Added support for uploading folders
- Added authentication support for future add-ons
- Added download expiration time to download page
- Added more options for email list pasting such as spaces " " or semicolons ";" 
- Fixed issue that caused the amount of upload expire time options to be limited
- Some general bug fixes and textual changes

V2.4.5 (17 August, 2022)
- Fixed issue that caused incorrect email error when trailing blanks were added in the email address
- Fixed issue with the background on login page
- Fixed issue that caused about tab to stay visible on mobile when the contents were empty
- Fixed issue that allowed upload button spamming and multiple verify emails to being sent
- Fixed issue that caused uploads with share mode link to still send out emails to uploaders
- Updated translation files based on customer input
- Updated core framework

V2.4.4 (18 July, 2022)
- Fixed issue with incorrect pointer icon on file previews
- Fixed issue where temp folder wasn't automatically cleared in some setups
- Fixed missing translation for "Preview files" text
- Fixed some dutch translations
- It is now possible to preview download details and view file previews when the upload is password protected

V2.4.3 (11 July, 2022)
- Fixed issue that caused cron to not work properly when using the S3 add-on
- Fixed issue that caused the user to be redirected to a white page when the download password was incorrect
- Fixed possible download issue with systems that were upgraded from Droppy V1 to V2
- Fixed some issues with IP logging
- Fixed some mobile height issues
- The terms and about tabs will now be hidden when their content is empty
- Added file previews on download page (optional feature)
- Added new directory permission checks to admin panel
- Deprecated: Themes "default", "grey" and "oldtimer" are now deprecated and will no longer be supported. Please use the new "modern" theme.

V2.4.2 (5 May, 2022)
- Fixed an issue that caused the downloading of files not to work in some mobile browsers
- Fixed an issue that caused some incorrect tabs to be shown in the header when using the Premium add-on

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