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Easy Card Game is a super editable complete 3D multiplayer card game that lets you create your own deck with your own cards, using Easy Card Editor.
Render pipeline compatibility

Creating new cards with your own images is super easy with ECG.

ECG comes with a pre-made cards, which you can test it by playing it online and with AI. Play here!

Live preview -> https://youtu.be/yRjU9CXmUR0


  • Super easy card editor.
  • No technical knowledge is required, unless you want to change the core game.
  • Completely 3D with shiny animations.
  • Custom animation system with animation curves & color gradients, which you can modify easily.
  • Challenging AI
  • Online multiplayer is ready with Photon PUN and can easily be replaced with another network solution without touching the game code.
  • Supports videos as card images (after v1.1a)
  • Ready for all platforms.
  • Drag & drop cards with mouse and touch.
  • Gamepad support with a virtual cursor.
  • All code is open, no compiled code.
  • Deck system with an editor tool (after v1.5)
  • Counter attack feature for placed cards. Now the game is more alive. (after v1.5)


- Unity 2020.3.15f2 or above.

- URP 10.5.0 or above.

Technical details

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