Killer Boy - 2D Action Platformer Mobile/Android Game (Unity Game + Admob)

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2D Action Platformer mobile game made with Unity game engine comes with cool Graphics and Gameplay.

In this game, Player comes with his own car and shoot/kill enemy which has different capabilities. Player can Jump, Run and Shoot. You can collect Stars which increase your score, Power-Ups like increasing the power of the player gun, Health gainer which increases the player’s life. Also, have Checkpoint from where player resume game when player lost his life.

Different kinds of enemies which have capabilities like shooting, Throwing Bomb, Throwing Ball from which alien comes after Blast, Electric Shock, Flying, Running, Laser Gun and many more.

Many Kinds of Obstacles like Current Pauls, Platforms, Chain Wheel, Poisoned water, Spikes, Switches, Movable Platforms, blade chain, etc.

There are 12 Levels with 2 Boss Fights and 2 Locations.


  • 2D Action Platformer Game
  • Shooting Game
  • 12 Levels with 2 Boss Fights
  • 2 Area/Map
  • Clean, Simple & Responsive UI with Cool Animation
  • Spawning System
  • Score and High Score System
  • Many cool Particle System
  • Clean code architecture
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Clean & Nice Graphics


  • You can easily export this game for IOS & HTML5 via Unity.
  • You can customize graphics very easily with Photoshop.
  • You can edit Levels, UI, Music, Sounds, Particles, Obstacles very easily as you want.
  • Included Photoshop Files in 4K Resolution (.PSB, .PSD) of all Graphics/Sprites/Art used in this game.
  • Also Included all Sprites/Graphics/Art which is used in this game.
  • Ready to Publish

Made in unity 2020.3.16f1

Demo Apk

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