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Word Connect Android Game - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Please visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.codecanyon.trimax.android.worderful

-You need to play at least 30 levels to see all of the features (boosters).
-Please note that the icon, background images and the logo may differ to prevent repetitive content at Google Play Store.
-Click here for an HTML5 alternative.


  • Crossword game in English and Turkish developed using Libgdx.
  • Features more than 10.000 levels in both English and Turkish.
  • The dial starts from 3 letters and goes all the ways up to and including 8. The grid is between 3×3 to 12×10 (customizable).
  • Other languages can be added. Comes with a level generator. Add your words and translation (and a optionally dictionary) then generate levels.
  • Built-in 4 types of boosters that will engage your users: bomb, gold pack, ufo and monster.
  • Features animations, combo, screen shaking and various effects.
  • Bonus words make users earn coins.
  • Daily wheel of fortune rewards with adjustable probability to adjust the outcome.
  • Customizable Admob rewarded and interstitial ads, including by GDPR. Rewarded video provides coins and extra moves for levels with bomb.
  • In app purhases including remove ads, bundles and coins.
  • Features an online dictionary for English. Please see the Popular Questions for details.
  • You can send push messages along with free coins to all of your users free of charge using Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Date sensitive intro, level sensitive in-game background images (See the Popular Questions below for details). -Various dialogs including rate us, watch and earn, remove ads and etc.
  • Designed for phones and tablets.
  • Supports 32-64 bit ARM and x86 APKs.
  • Includes a 32-page help file with plenty of detail supported by screenshots.

Q: Is the game customizable?
A: Yes, extremely. Settings related to Android, game, UI and sounds are in different files. These files are commented and you can see them here: https://github.com/trimax-items/word_connect/tree/main/game_config

Q: If the customization options you provide are not enough for me, what can I do?
A: If you know hot to use Photoshop or any other similar app, then you can achieve your goal easily. All the steps are detailed in the help file.

Q: How many levels are supported?
A: There is no theoretical limit. Nevertheless, it depends on the number of words enter and configurations you make.

Q: How do you achieve flexibility in generating levels?
A: The generator features a concept called “Level Definition”. You can customize any level with grained options using this concept. To see the level generator options visit here: https://github.com/trimax-items/word_connect/tree/main/level_generator

Q: How does custom background images work?
A: The game automatically shows a different background image on the Thanksgiving day, Halloween and Christmas (if the language is Turkish only Christmas will show up). You can add other days and/or change the images. The game itself has 10 background images and cycles them. You can also add and these.

Q: How does the English dictionary work?
A: The Princeton University Wordnet online dictionary is used. It can be used for commercial purposes and free. This dictionary has been available for many years, however, I can’t guarantee its future.

Q: Can I embed a dictionary into the app for my language?
A: Yes you can but I don’t recommend it because the APK will be bloated. Instead, you should use a PHP web server. The rest is explained in the help file.

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