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Anime School Girl Dating Sim is a real school life simulator game, Compare with the top school simulator game, we have more places to play, more beautiful dress to try, more interesting things to find.

In this free open world, you will experience different kinds of virtual life, you can choose to study in the classroom ,or you can go out with your friends.
Make your own anime love stories having the crush of your beautiful classmate, tell your crush that you love and propose her/him to be your girlfriend/boyfriend.

You can customize different anim boys and girls as you like;
You can talk to anyone in the game as you like;
You can make friends and lovers as you like;
You can drive different vehicles as you like;
You can defeat bad students or even gangsters as you like;
You can go on the rampage as you like;


Anime School Girl Dating Features:

- 200+ different kinds of quests and achivements for you to challenge;
- 100+ different kinds of dress, hair styles, glass, bags for you to try;
- 50+ different kinds of buildings, such as school, supermarket, coffee shop, train station, bus station, barber shop, amusement park and so on;
- 20+ different kinds of careers, such as Techer, Policeman, Doctor, Nurse, Shop assistant and so on;
- 10+ different kinds of vehicles, such as helicopter, bike, car, taxi, bus, firetruck, ambulance, hoverboard and so on;
- HD Graphics and realistic driving experiences

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