Empire Knight

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Turn Based rpg game Empire Knight is the best turn based game ever.
the best quality game with cool and attractive UI and makes it easy for players to play this game. Turnbase game with match3 system makes players more exciting with stunning attack effects and cool animations. and there are many features in it and the system time so that it makes the game much longer with the leveling mode system.

 IAP (in app purchase) in game
~ There are many cool heroes with skills
~ Attractive UI Animation
~ Stunning Skill Effect so players don't watch play it
~ Lots of levels
~ There is an in-game item generating system
~ Upgradeable heroes
~ Leveling mode system
~ There are many chest rewards in it
~ Complete battle system
~ There are stages that must be passed
~ Support with various ad providers like admob, unityads and etc
~ Upgradable Barracks, Training center and etc
~ Support localization all languages
~ Support Google play services
~ Support Notifications
~ There is a daily shop with a random system every day
~ There is a one time purchase IAP subscription
~ Energy system makes players play longer in every battle
~ support 64bit and .aab files to upload on playstore

Test apk : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16JysizcYobMX-WV1-GD5H5vMTfj0ijaE/view?usp=sharing

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