Dot Connect - Line Puzzle Game

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Dot Connect is a fun line puzzle game where the player must connect all the same colored dots by drawing a line through the grid. All dots must be connected and all spaces on the game board must be filled for the level to be complete.

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● Organize levels into Bundles and Packs. Each Bundle can have multiple Packs and each Pack can have multiple Levels.

● Game comes with 1550 levels spread over 2 Bundles and 12 Packs.

● Easily create new levels using the Level Creator Editor Window which automatically generates levels for you.

● Create levels with blocks in them! Blocks are spaces on the game board which no line can use.

● Create non-square levels! Use the Level Editor to select spaces on the board as blank spaces. This can be used to create levels of different shapes!

● Lock Packs based on Stars or IAP. Packs can be locked until the player acquires enough stars or it can be locked until the player purchases to unlock it.

● Hints! If a player is stuck on a level they can use a hint which will place a line correctly on the board for them.

● Saving: Game saves its state so the player doesn't lose their progress.

● Ads: Supports AdMob and Unity Ads for Banner, Interstitial, and Reward Ad types!

● Reward Ads: If the player is out of hints they can watch a reward ad to get +1 hint.

● IAP: Supports IAP for removing ads, purchasing hints, or unlocking packs.

● Clean, formatted, and commented code.

● Designed for Android and iOS portrait layout.

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