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Why World of Gods?
Because 99 percent of MMO projects fail due to being overly complex, World of Gods is the most straightforward and user-friendly MMO engine on the planet.

For the lone wolf developer, it is crucial to keep the architecture and the code as basic as possible.


In World of Gods, Mirror is used for high-level networking. 

  • Extensibility:

Scriptable Objects for creating unique Items/Skills/Quests/Recipes. There is extensive material available online. The source code is completely included.


  • Players:

World of Gods has classes such as Archer, Warrior, Mage, and Priest.

Levels, experience, currency, skills, inventories, equipment, characteristics, and animations are all available to players. They can move about using WASD, Click Movement, and mobile touch controls. Regular attacks, blocks, and critical hits are all supported by the fighting system. Players can engage in combat and be punished via a murder system.

  • Feature: Parties, Guilds & Chat

Player involvement is essential in multiplayer games. World of Gods has a party system for hunting monsters in groups, a guild system for long-term collaboration among players, and a chat system for easy communication across all of those systems.

  • Feature: Crafting

World of Gods provides a simple, yet powerful crafting system. Crafting recipes turn a given collection of components into a resultant item with a predetermined success rate. Crafting allows you to combine goods in a variety of ways, such as * Health Potion + Mana Potion = Vigor Potion * Blade + Handle + Sword Recipe = Sword

  • Feature: Item Mall

Item Malls are the most successful MMO monetization strategy of the last 20 years. World of Gods has an item mall where you may sell goods in several categories for varying coin prices. World of Gods is not tied to any one payment source. You may use any payment source to sell coins for real money, and then just enter the transactions into the World of Gods orders table.

  • Feature: Monsters

Monsters may be readily installed around the globe and will roam about while the server is operating. In the Unity Inspector, you can simply change their stats, aggro radius, and movement behaviour. Monsters can be looted after death and spawned at runtime, for example, with monster scrolls.

  • Feature: Safe Zones

World of Gods has safe zones that may be woven around communities to prevent unrest. No one may attack each other in safe zones, which is highly handy for beginner regions to avoid spawn camping by higher-level players.

  • Feature: NPCs

World of Gods has NPCs that may sell and buy stuff from and from the player, run guilds, resurrect pets, and give missions.

  • Feature: Mounts & Pets

World of Gods has spawnable player-owned creatures such as horses and pets. Mounts allow the player to travel faster while also making them vulnerable to attacks from other players. Pets may be bought, summoned, and trained. They will battle with their master.

  • Feature: Scriptable Items/Skills/Quests

World of Gods includes a robust Scriptable Items/Skills/Quests system. You can build new types by deriving from ScriptableItem or adding new things based on existing kinds (for example, potions). There are no restrictions; you may design an ability that instantaneously generates 1000 enemies or stuns everyone.

  • Feature: Database

SQLite is the default database engine used by World of Gods, and it is ready to use right out of the box. SQLite was created for military-grade systems, has 100% test coverage, and is incredibly simple to use—exactly what we need. Any other system can take the place of the database system. For instance, a community-developed Mysql plugin is free to use.

  • Feature: Character creation, selection, and login

The login process for World of Gods is straightforward and automatically accepts any new account. It is simple to modify the NetworkManagerMMO.IsValidAccount function to quickly validate accounts on a third-party website or database system. Character creation and selecting tools are also available in World of Gods.

  • Feature: Portals & Instanced Dungeons

When a group enters a portal, the server can instantly create a dungeon. Instanced dungeons were notoriously difficult to utilise and necessitated the usage of extra server computers. Instanced dungeons are now exceedingly simple to utilise because of World of Gods’ optimization and simplification of the procedure.

1. Which engine this game is built on?


2. Is Source Code Included


3. Which networking system is implemented to it?

Mirror Networking

4. How can I host the server to make the Multiplayer work properly?

You can follow this page to host the server. You can follow this page to host the server. but you can test the game while creating or modifying without server hosting just like the normal Mirror Networking game

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