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Experience the unmatched integration of your store’s backend and frontend with eCommerceGo SaaS. This comprehensive platform empowers effortless management of your store, from products to orders, all in one user-friendly interface. Enjoy a well-organized storefront and intuitive user experience, revolutionizing your eCommerce operations like never before.

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Grocery Theme : Check Grocery Theme Demo
Babycare Theme : Check Babycare Theme Demo

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What can you expect from eCommerceGo SaaS – eCommerce Store with Multi theme and Multi Store?

  • 35 Complementary Themes: Organize your store with 35 complementary e-commerce-based themes.
  • Custom Domain and Subdomain: Organize your store with personalized domains and subdomains.
  • Dual Dashboards: Effortlessly navigate both backend and frontend interfaces for clear insights.
  • Storefront Management: Seamlessly list products and categories for easy storefront management.
  • Tax Management: Create and assign tax rates with simplicity.
  • Multi-Theme Flexibility: Choose from various color options in multi-themes. (Check Complementary Themes Here)
  • Mobile App Integration: Enjoy mobile applications for each theme. (Check Mobile Apps Here)
  • WooCommerce Integration: Elevate your online store’s potential with WooCommerce Integration, harmonizing inventory management and supercharging your e-commerce capabilities.
  • Shopify Integration: Seamlessly unites your Shopify store with eCommerceGo, enhancing product management and sales efficiency.
  • Order Tracking Update: The Order Module in eCommerceGo SaaS enables admins to monitor orders and payments, and customers can track and cancel orders prior to “Unpaid” or “Delivered” status.
  • Order Refund Settings: Effortless and streamlined refund management for admins, along with a user-friendly customer-initiated refund process.
  • Order Notes: Streamline customer communication and order updates with ease.
  • Order Reports: Your key to data-driven e-commerce success, offering sales, product, category, and downloadable product insights.
  • Stock Reports: Streamline inventory management with a list-based view and admin control for accurate stock tracking.
  • Customer vs. Guests for Customer Traffic Analytics: Elevate your e-commerce strategy with Customer Traffic Analytics in eCommerceGo SaaS. Gain insights into customer and guest traffic trends, enabling data-driven decisions for tailored marketing and improved store performance.
  • Customer Timeline: Access crucial customer data, monitor their activities, and make informed decisions with eCommerceGo’s Customer Timeline while maintaining your platform’s appearance.
  • Customer Filter: Gain valuable customer insights and enhance marketing strategies with ease.
  • Data Export in Customer, Coupon, and Order Modules: Effortlessly manage and analyze customer data.
  • Custom Field Management: Simplify product listing management with Custom Field Management in eCommerceGo SaaS. Admins gain control by enabling or disabling custom fields during product creation, optimizing efficiency and organization.
  • Coupon Management: The Marketing Module’s Coupon Management settings enable the creation and customization of discount coupons, including percentage, flat rate, and fixed product discounts, and the generation of unique codes.
  • Top Selling Products: Easily monitor top-selling products, optimize strategies, and boost revenue with eCommerceGo’s real-time data-driven Dashboard.
  • Flash Sales: Effortless creation of customized Flash Sales with options for sale details, discount types, and targeted promotions.
  • Newsletter Subscribers: Manage your newsletter subscriber list efficiently.
  • User-Friendly Shopping: Enhance the user experience with a user-friendly storefront for smooth shopping.
  • Webhook Integration: Seamlessly connect and enhance modules with a simple setup, streamlining data exchange and boosting platform capabilities.
  • WhatsApp API: Enhance customer engagement with automated notifications for orders, status changes, stock updates, and more, customizable to your preferences.
  • Full White Label Customization: Tailor your store to your brand with full white-label customization.
  • Checkout Options: Enable COD and Bank Transfer for secure offline payments.
  • Store QR Codes: Utilize store QR codes and unique links for easy access.
  • Multi-Store Capability: Manage multiple stores under a single company umbrella.
  • Product Management: Effectively manage product shipping methods, variants, and coupons.
  • Seamless Shipping Management: The Shipping module streamlines your shipping processes, from defining methods to managing classes and zones, ensuring precise and hassle-free deliveries.
  • Shipping Label Generator: Elevate shipping processes with the Shipping Label Generator.
  • Downloadable Products: Enhance the shopping experience with Downloadable Products.
  • Wishlist: Send personalized product alerts to customers about wishlist items, boosting engagement and sales, all within our Marketing Module.
  • Abandon Cart: Recover lost sales effortlessly by sending reminder emails to customers who abandoned their carts, all within our Marketing Module.
  • Blog and Custom Pages: Integrate blog and custom page modules for informative insights.
  • SEO Optimization: Each store features meta keywords and descriptions for improved SEO.
  • Guest Checkout: Provide a hassle-free guest checkout option without requiring registration/login.
  • Style Customizing: Custom CSS empowers Super Admins in the backend and Individual Admins on the front end to precisely tailor the platform’s appearance.
  • Impersonate Login: Super Admins can easily log in as regular Admins by clicking the “Login as Admin” button available in the user module of the Super Admin side, providing seamless access to admin-level functionalities.
  • Cloud Data Integration: Integrate cloud data storage options like Local, AWS, and Wasabi.
  • Customizable Settings: Personalize settings including RTL support, color themes, layout, and more.
  • Email Template: Enhance communication efficiency with Email Templates managed by the Super Admin in eCommerceGo SaaS. Choose from pre-defined or custom email layouts for streamlined and uniform email creation.
  • Twilio Integration:Experience seamless communication with Twilio Integration. Get real-time text message notifications for various activities, ensuring you stay informed on the go.
  • Enhanced RTL Experience: Ensure a user-friendly experience for RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu.
  • Enhanced Security with Email Verification: Prioritize security with Email Verification.
  • Social Share: Amplify your reach with Social Share.
  • Plan Wise Storage Limit for Super Admin: Easily tailor e-commerce plans with custom storage limits for Super Admins in eCommerceGo SaaS, ensuring a precise fit for client needs and staying ahead in the dynamic industry.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 20+ diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, SSPay, toyyibPay, PayTabs, Iyzipay, Payfast, Benefit, Cashfree, aamarPay, PayTR, Telegram, WhatsApp, Yookassa
  • Built with Laravel 9: Built on the reliable Laravel 9 framework for robust performance.

Salient Features of eCommerceGo SaaS – eCommerce Store with Multi theme and Multi Store

The Transition from the Front End to the Back End

A robust backend is crucial for efficient store management, regardless of whether it operates online. The smooth functioning of the front end relies heavily on a well-functioning back end. From managing product inventories and orders to ensuring seamless order fulfillment, an interactive front-end interface complements the backend operations.

The Stunning Dashboard

Operating on two fronts, eCommerceGo SaaS presents a dual-dashboard system to ensure efficient management of both back-end and front-end aspects.

Comprehensive Dashboard Overview: The eCommerceGo SaaS store dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot, displaying total products, sales, and orders. It also offers quick access to your latest products and recent orders. A graphical representation of your past week’s orders is available for easy tracking.

Theme Barcode and Link: Another section of the dashboard showcases your store’s theme barcode and corresponding link. This theme is the one you’ve chosen during the store creation process.

Social Share: Share your content effortlessly with the new Social Share feature. A dedicated button next to the theme link lets you quickly share links on social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Amplify your reach and engage with your audience effortlessly.

Quick Add Functionality: Simplify the addition of new elements with the “Quick Add” feature. This streamlines the process of adding New Products, Tax categories, Main Categories, and Coupons, eliminating the need to navigate to individual modules.

In-Depth Store Analytics: Unlock comprehensive store analytics through various charts. These charts cover diverse aspects such as traffic sources via different browsers, devices, and platforms, as well as insights about top URLs. This analytical dashboard provides a thorough understanding of your visitor demographics and behavior.

Elevate your store management experience with eCommerceGo SaaS’s dual dashboards and insightful analytics, ensuring seamless control over your online business operations.

Themes Add-on

Easily enhance your store’s aesthetics with the Themes Add-on in eCommerceGo SaaS. Selecting a desired theme becomes effortless – simply choose from the assortment of themes available during the store setup, and witness your store’s appearance undergo a captivating transformation. With theme switching, your store’s color palette harmoniously adjusts to align with the chosen theme, guaranteeing a unified and visually pleasing journey. Check Premium Themes Here.

Store Setting

Within the Store Setting module, eCommerceGo SaaS offers a range of customization options:

Theme Setting: Revamp your store’s appearance effortlessly with the Theme Setting feature. The automatic generation of the theme link simplifies the process. This tab showcases your selected “Theme Name” and grants precise control over the theme’s aspects including logo, invoice logo, and favicon, as well as management of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Meta Keywords, and Description.

Home Page Content: Personalize your theme’s entire home page content with the Home Page Content feature. This versatile tool allows customization of elements like Header, Banner – Card, Category, Review, Discount – Section, Products, Bestseller, Feature – Product, Feature – Category, Testimonial, Blog, List page, and Footer. Accompanied by the ability to incorporate essential images, this feature includes various social media settings, with many offering enable/disable or on/off options.

Order Complete Screen: The Order Complete Screen feature signifies the successful conclusion of a purchase. Dynamic text elements such as Title and Description guide customers towards the completion of their transaction, initiating subsequent processes like item processing and packaging for a seamless delivery experience.


Categories play a crucial role in effectively organizing and presenting your listed products. In the eCommerceGo SaaS product module, we’ve incorporated a user-friendly feature to manage and classify your main product categories. Each category can be registered with an associated image and icon, and you can even indicate whether it’s currently trending. This functionality is designed to simplify product organization, leading to an enhanced user experience for both admins and customers.

Main Category: To ensure proper recognition and identification of listed products, categorization is essential. The product module of eCommerceGo SaaS offers a convenient feature to manage main product categories. Register each category with an image and icon, indicating if it is currently trending or not. Simplify product organization and enhance user experience.

Subcategories: The subcategory feature, available within select predefined store themes on eCommerceGo SaaS, is aimed at refining the product browsing experience. Through this module, you can effortlessly categorize and navigate products, significantly improving the way customers explore your offerings. Simultaneously, admins benefit from streamlined product management, ensuring an efficient overall process.

Product Management: Your store’s entire product lineup is conveniently accessible in this section. Manage every aspect of your products, ranging from their names, prices, categories, quantities, SKUs, and product descriptions to their accompanying images. This comprehensive tab serves as your control center for maintaining accurate inventories and product details.

Product Variants: Incorporating product variants involves grouping related products within a single family. This family consists of a master product accompanied by various child products, each differing in characteristics like colors, sizes, pricing, materials, and specific features. The goal of this feature is to offer customers an extensive array of personalized options, thereby increasing the appeal of your offerings. The simplified presentation of choices makes it easier for customers to quickly understand the available options. This abundance of choices under a unified roof also greatly enhances product visibility, attracting more attention from potential customers.

Custom Field: Custom Field Management in eCommerceGo SaaS provides Admins with greater authority when crafting product listings. By enabling or disabling custom fields during product creation, this feature offers adaptability and simplifies product management, enabling you to create and organize product listings according to your specific requirements, thus enhancing efficiency and organization.

Downloadable Products: Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with “Downloadable Products.” Enable this option when creating new products, and a unique capability becomes available. After an order for a downloadable product is successfully delivered, the system automatically recognizes the change in order status. Customers can then access a convenient download option from the front end of your online store, allowing them to download related product images. Admins have full control and visibility over this feature on the backend, ensuring accurate access for customers.


Efficient shipping management is a cornerstone of successful online stores, yet the complexities involved can be daunting. Enter eCommerceGo SaaS’s shipping module—a solution designed to tackle this challenge. This module empowers you to customize shipping rates by zone, offering versatile options such as flat rates, free shipping, and local pickup. Simplifying the shipping process, eCommerceGo’s module is a valuable tool for seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Shipping Label Generator: The Shipping Label Generator of the eCommerceGo SaaS platform, is designed to elevate your shipping processes. With this feature, admins can easily generate barcode labels for their shipments, simplifying the shipping workflow, and ensuring accurate tracking and efficient product delivery. Say goodbye to manual label creation and embrace hassle-free, automated shipping label generation with our Shipping Label Generator.


In the “Order” section, you gain access to a comprehensive overview of each order. This includes a detailed breakdown of order specifics such as billing and shipping information, as well as the current payment status. Obtain a comprehensive insight into a specific order number, offering you a complete understanding of its intricacies. Manage the order status and conveniently generate receipts directly from this platform.


For Admins (Backend)

Order Status Monitoring: Admins can view the status of orders, including “Confirmed,” “Picked Up,” “Shipped,” or “Delivered”.

Payment Status: Admins can easily identify whether an order has been marked as “Paid” or “Unpaid.” The “Unpaid” status will fall when there is COD.

Cancellation Control: If the status is “Unpaid,” only customers can cancel the order, providing a clear distinction in the cancellation process.

For Customers (Frontend)

Order Status Tracking: Customers can check the status of their orders on the front-end theme, keeping them informed about the progress of their purchases.

Order Cancellation: Customers have the flexibility to cancel their orders before the status transitions to “Unpaid” or “Delivered,” enhancing their control over their shopping experience.

These functions collectively improve the efficiency of order management for admins and empower customers with convenient tools to track and manage their orders in the eCommerceGo SaaS platform.


Settings from Backend (Admin)

From the order refund module of eCommerceGo SaaS, the admins find a well-organized view of refund requests, including crucial details such as the Order ID for quick identification, the Refund Request Date for tracking, and the Refund Request Status (Approved, Processing, or Canceled) for prioritizing requests. Additionally, admins can customize their refund process through the Refund Settings section. They can enable or disable features like “Manage Stock,” which automates restocking of refunded items, “Attachment” for allowing customers to submit files with refund requests, and “Shipping Amount Deduction” for accurately adjusting refunds based on shipping costs.

Process from Frontend

On the front end of eCommerceGo SaaS, customers can effortlessly initiate refund requests only for delivered orders. Within the “View Order History” section in “My Account”, a “Refund” button becomes visible beside the specific order. Clicking this button opens a user-friendly interface for initiating refunds. Customers provide necessary details, such as the reason for the refund and any relevant information, before submitting the request.

Order Notes

eCommerceGo’s order module features Order Notes, a convenient way to communicate with customers. Users can send messages or notes related to an order, providing transparency and updates. They can keep notes private or share them with customers.


Order Reports: The Order Reports module offers comprehensive insights into e-commerce operations, including Sales Reports, which track sales on various timelines, Product Reports for product-specific data, and Sales Category Reports for category-wise sales. These features enable data-driven decision-making, allowing businesses to optimize sales, product offerings, and category performance, ultimately enhancing their e-commerce success.

Stock Reports: The Stock Reports section focuses on your inventory. It offers a list-based view of your stock, enabling you to manage and track available products easily. Additionally, admin privileges allow you to make necessary stock adjustments or edits directly within the platform, ensuring accurate inventory management.


Within the customer module, effortlessly access a comprehensive list of all your customers. This module provides a user-friendly interface to swiftly navigate through your customer base. Additionally, you’re offered the convenience of creating new stores and seamlessly switching between different stores as needed, further enhancing your management capabilities.

Customer vs. Guests for Customer Traffic Analytics: The Powerful enhancement of Customer vs. Guests for traffic analytics equips you with monthly and yearly graphs that visualize customer and guest traffic trends, enabling data-driven decisions. By comprehending customer behavior and seasonal patterns, you can tailor marketing strategies, optimize operations, and elevate your online store’s performance, ensuring a personalized and successful e-commerce journey for your customers.

Customer Filter: eCommerceGo SaaS provides a customer filter tool that offers valuable insights into your customer base. This tool allows you to analyze essential customer information like names, email addresses, and total spending. This helps you tailor marketing strategies and customer interactions to better meet their needs and preferences. The Customer Filter feature is crucial for informed decision-making and effective customer relationship management.

Enhanced Customer Insights with Customer Timeline

Within the Customer Module, we’ve introduced a powerful feature that equips admins with invaluable insights into customer behavior. Seamlessly integrated into eCommerceGo, this tool provides a comprehensive view of your customers’ interactions without affecting your platform’s appearance.


Customer Name: Identify and personalize interactions with ease.

Customer Email: Improve communication and engagement with accurate contact information.

Total Spend: Gain deeper insights into individual spending patterns.

Total Orders: Track each customer’s order history for more effective decision-making.


Register Date: Stay informed about new registrations, helping you understand your growing customer base.

Last Login: Gain insights into recent customer activities to refine engagement strategies.

Wishlist Actions: Track when customers add or remove items from wishlists, facilitating personalized recommendations

Cart Management: Monitor items added to or removed from shopping carts, optimizing the shopping experience

Order Placement: Stay updated on successful order completions, ensuring efficient order processing.

With the Customer Timeline, you have the power to make data-driven decisions, refine marketing strategies, and enhance customer engagement effortlessly. This invaluable tool seamlessly enhances your eCommerce operations while keeping your customers unaware of the backend improvements.

Data Export in Customer, Coupon, and Order Modules

Effortlessly manage and analyze your customer data with the new Data Export feature in the Customer and Order Module of eCommerceGo SaaS. Simply click the “Export” button, and watch your order and customer lists seamlessly transform into Excel sheets. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficient organization. Make informed decisions effortlessly with this convenient function.



The Coupon feature within eCommerceGo SaaS equips you with the capability to seamlessly generate, handle, and monitor coupons for your promotional endeavors. This functionality empowers you to establish coupon codes, outline discounts or special offers, establish usage constraints, and diligently monitor the utilization of coupons for enhanced campaign management.

Coupon Management: eCommerceGo’s Marketing Module provides a Coupon Management setting for creating and managing discount coupons. Users can choose from three discount types: Percentage, Flat Rate, or Fixed Product Discount. Key parameters include spend requirements, usage limits, expiry dates, and code generation. The “Generate Code” button completes the process. eCommerceGo’s comprehensive tool helps design discount coupons that align with store goals, enhance marketing efforts, and attract customers with percentage-based savings, fixed-rate discounts, or specialized promotions.


The Newsletter module within eCommerceGo SaaS empowers streamlined management and utilization of customer newsletter subscriptions. It simplifies the collection, organization, and segmentation of subscriber data, facilitating precision in targeted email campaigns. Featuring advanced analytics and tracking capabilities, you can evaluate engagement, fine-tune content, and cultivate robust customer relationships. This module guarantees effective communication and cultivates customer loyalty through personalized and captivating newsletters.


The eCommerceGo SaaS product’s Marketing module allows admins to create customized Flash Sales by adding a sale, providing details like sale name, start/end dates, discount type, discount amount, and price criteria. They can target specific categories, products, or price ranges to tailor promotions effectively.
All changes made at the backend will be visible on the front end.


With this module, you can email customers about the products they’ve added to their wishlists. It’s a simple way to keep customers informed and boost your sales.

How does it work?

Product Alerts: You can send emails to customers when the products they’ve saved in their wishlists have special offers, or discounts, or are back in stock.

Personalized Communication: These emails are personalized, making your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Boost Sales: By notifying customers about the products they’re interested in, you’re more likely to convert their interest into purchases.


With our “Abandon Cart” feature in the Marketing Module, the admins can send emails to the customers regarding the products they have added to their carts.

How does it work?

Easy Product Selection: Admins can choose products directly from customers’ wishlists to include in reminder emails.

Recover Sales: By sending friendly reminders, you can help customers pick up where they left off and complete their purchases.

Boost Conversions: Encourage undecided shoppers to make a purchase, increasing your sales and customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API Notifications in eCommerceGo SaaS enable businesses to send automated notifications about order creation, status changes, stock availability, abandoned carts, and wishlists. This feature allows admin control, enhancing customer engagement and improving the shopping experience by providing valuable updates and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


Synchronizing your WooCommerce products with your store is effortlessly achievable through the aid of the WooCommerce Module. The process is simple: just choose a product from WooCommerce within the module, then click the “add” button, and in a matter of seconds, the chosen product seamlessly integrates into your store. This module also extends its functionality to incorporate coupons and manage customer information that is synced with WooCommerce, further enhancing the efficiency of your operations.


eCommerceGo offers a Shopify Integration module, enhancing the efficiency of managing and selling Shopify products. This module, designed for business owners and store admins, streamlines the process of syncing products, categories, and coupons, thereby expanding eCommerce capabilities and increasing online sales.

Customers Support Ticket

The support ticket module serves as a convenient platform for customers to establish a direct connection with the owner regarding issues such as damaged products or incorrect replacements. Likewise, this module empowers owners to address customer concerns promptly. Functioning as a virtual help desk, the support ticket module enables customers to articulate their issues comprehensively, even attaching relevant images to provide visual context. This streamlined communication channel enhances customer-owner interactions and issue resolution.

Point of Sale (POS)

Warehouse and Purchase Management: eCommerceGo SaaS brings you a streamlined solution for establishing and managing multiple warehouses effectively. This platform simplifies the management of products and services from various vendors, thoughtfully categorized based on pre-registered categories.

POS and POS Order Management: Unlock the convenience of eCommerceGo SaaS as it enables a seamless shopping experience. Effortlessly add products to the cart by selecting the relevant warehouse. This feature caters to both existing and walk-in customers, ensuring smooth purchases through the Point of Sale (POS) management system.

Style Customizing

Settings from backend (Admin): eCommerceGo’s Super Admins have the power to tailor their platform’s look and feel with custom CSS. This can be managed from the CSS editor of “Style Customizing” from the settings. Super Admins can customize their eCommerce platform’s appearance, layout, and styling by entering and saving custom CSS code, granting them complete control over its visual aspects. Here, the customization made from the backend will be the same for the frontend view as well.

Settings from theme side (Frontend): Same as the Super Admins, individual Admins can also enhance the platform’s appearance by adding custom CSS for the themes they have from the “Theme Setting” under the “Store Setting” section of settings. This will help each store to create a unique and tailored appearance that aligns with their branding, and design preferences, and enhance the overall customer experience with personalization..

Impersonate Login

Super Admins can easily log in as regular Admins by clicking the “Login as Admin” button available in the user module of the Super Admin side, providing seamless access to the particular admin-level functionalities.

Webhook Integration

eCommerceGo SaaS offers seamless integration of modules through webhooks. Users can create a webhook by selecting a module, selecting a data exchange method, and entering the webhook URL. This allows for efficient and real-time module integration, making the platform more robust and connected, and enhancing the overall functionality of the platform.

CMS Pages

With the CMS Pages module in eCommerceGo SaaS, you’re equipped to effortlessly craft and oversee your theme’s pages. This module presents a user-friendly interface to facilitate the creation, customization, and organization of pages within your chosen theme. Enjoy the flexibility to add content and fine-tune the layout to align with your vision. From design to structure, this module offers complete control over your theme’s static pages, enabling you to curate a seamless and engaging online experience.


The Blog feature in eCommerceGo SaaS’s Help module serves as a versatile platform for delivering valuable content to your customers. It offers a range of articles, guides, and updates covering product insights, industry trends, and customer interests. This not only boosts customer engagement but also establishes your brand as a reliable source of information, fostering trust and credibility.

Contact Us

The Contact Us module within eCommerceGo SaaS empowers you to efficiently handle customer inquiries and contact details. This centralized platform facilitates the viewing and responding to customer messages, enabling the tracking of communication history and contact updates. With this vital tool, you can streamline customer support, bolster responsiveness, and uphold effective communication practices to ensure seamless interactions.


The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) feature within eCommerceGo SaaS’s Help module serves as a valuable resource to address customers’ common queries and concerns. By offering clear and concise answers, this feature empowers users to easily access information, thereby minimizing the need for extensive customer support. This approach contributes to a positive shopping experience, enhancing convenience and satisfaction for customers as they navigate your platform.

Question Answer

In the interactive Question and Answer module of eCommerceGo SaaS, you’re empowered to provide swift and effective responses to your customer’s inquiries. This dynamic feature allows for seamless communication, enabling you to address customer questions promptly and comprehensively. This capability not only fosters positive customer experiences but also reinforces your commitment to excellent customer service.


The tax module of eCommerceGo SaaS offers flexibility with both percentage-based and flat tax options, allowing you to choose the most suitable method for your business needs.


The review module of eCommerceGo SaaS allows you to manage customer reviews effectively. It provides tools to monitor, moderate, and respond to reviews, ensuring quality feedback and enhancing customer satisfaction. You can gather insights, address concerns, and maintain a positive reputation, build trust and credibility.

Customer Login and Registration

With the help of the customer login and registration module, the customer can only place the order when he/ she has already registered and logged in. This is for the safety and security purposes of the customer as well as the owner due to the authentication of information. Also, the customer can take a look at his/ her previous orders.

Guest Checkout without Register/ Login

The guest checkout feature exemplifies customer-centric functionality, eliminating the necessity for registration or login when making a purchase. This streamlined approach accelerates initial transactions and minimizes account setup hurdles. Beneficial from a business standpoint, this feature enhances the customer’s future purchasing journey and fosters improved customer retention rates.

Twilio Integration

The Twilio Integration in this system provides a convenient way to receive real-time text message notifications for job-related activities. These notifications are sent to your registered mobile number, ensuring you stay updated even when offline, a significant advantage. Additionally, the integration allows the company to generate dynamic messages, enhancing communication efficiency within the platform.

Enhanced Security with Email Verification

At eCommerceGo SaaS, we prioritize your security. That’s why we’re introducing the Email Verification feature. Now, when users sign up or make changes to their email addresses, a verification process ensures the authenticity of the provided email. This additional layer of security safeguards your account and sensitive information, offering peace of mind and a safer online experience.

AI Module

The AI module is a transformative feature that integrates artificial intelligence capabilities across various modules, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the platform. By harnessing the power of AI’s predictive analytics, automation, and intelligent insights, this module elevates user experiences and outcomes across functions like employee management, CRM, financial management, project management, HRM, POS, inventory management, data analytics, and reporting. With AI, businesses can make data-driven decisions, automate processes, and adapt to changing scenarios with greater accuracy and agility, making it an invaluable asset across our suite of products.

Plan Wise Storage Limit for Super Admin

The Plan Wise Custom Storage Limit empowers Super Admins within eCommerceGo SaaS to customize storage limits when designing plans, offering a versatile and competitive advantage. This feature ensures your e-commerce services align precisely with your client’s requirements, enhancing scalability and simplifying administration. It’s a strategic tool to stay at the forefront of the dynamic e-commerce industry.

Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi

Ensuring the safeguarding of your data is an imperative concern. The Cloud Data Storage feature caters to this necessity, offering users a reliable solution. It seamlessly provides both internal and external data storage capabilities, serving purposes like backup, archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, and storage tiering. This encompasses various factors such as cost, availability, performance, recovery, and migration requirements. Third-party verified Cloud Data Storage providers like AWS and Wasabi guarantee data security against potential breaches, all while offering cost-effective solutions.

Each store has a Meta keyword and description for SEO purposes

SEO serves the primary goal of enhancing your store’s visibility. This achievement is facilitated through the utilization of Meta keywords and descriptions, serving as meta tags that provide search engines with pertinent insights into your store’s content, consequently yielding more relevant results. The Store Settings feature within the Store enables you to seamlessly add or update Meta keywords and descriptions associated with your business store(s), optimizing your online presence for improved search engine ranking.

Email Templates managed by Super Admin

The email templates feature lets users choose from pre-defined and individualized email layouts rather than creating an entirely new email each time. Additionally, this provides readiness, uniformity of drafts, accessibility, and reduced effort required to draft the same email repeatedly. These templates can be created according to various needs.

Store Front-End

The front end serves as a reflection of the settings you’ve configured in the back end, manifesting as a tangible shopping site view. Here, products are neatly categorized and listed, streamlining the shopping experience. By clicking on a tab, users can access comprehensive product details and conveniently add desired items to their cart. Subsequently, clients proceed to checkout, inputting essential shipping and billing particulars. The order finalization entails secure payment processing through a trusted gateway. Once the order is confirmed, stock management in the back end is automatically adjusted within the product inventories, ensuring accurate inventory tracking.


In conclusion, eCommerceGo SaaS emerges as a comprehensive and versatile solution tailored to streamline every facet of your online store operations. With its user-friendly interface, the platform effortlessly manages backend and frontend integration, allowing for efficient product inventory management, order fulfillment, and seamless customer interactions. The Themes Add-on provides a range of customizable options, while the Newsletter module facilitates targeted communication. The Tax and Review modules ensure precision and customer satisfaction. Moreover, customer engagement is elevated through features like blogs and FAQs, while secure checkout options enhance user convenience. The robust Cloud Data Storage feature prioritizes data protection, and SEO optimization through Meta keywords and descriptions enhances store visibility. The dynamic front end replicates backend settings, facilitating a smooth shopping experience. In all, eCommerceGo SaaS is a comprehensive toolkit for effective online store management, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering business growth.


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eCommerceGo SaaS - eCommerce Store with Multi theme and Multi Store - 12

eCommerceGo SaaS - eCommerce Store with Multi theme and Multi Store - 13

eCommerceGo SaaS - eCommerce Store with Multi theme and Multi Store - 14

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