Rise of the Necromancer – IDLE AFK RPG

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An exciting new RPG adventure awaits you! Help the Necromancer defeat all monsters by summoning heroes, collecting equipment and getting epic artifacts.

There are many different bosses, armor, quest system, talents and artifacts waiting for you.

Summon assistants who are always ready to help you, and also improve the Necromancer, including equipping him with new armor. Defeat opponents in a variety of locations, use the upgrade system and much more in the new AFK idle RPG with clicker elements!


The main mechanics of the game:

  • English and Russian language
  • Google Play integration (with saved games, leaderboard, achievements)
  • Daily rewards
  • earning currency offline
  • Easy reskin
    * Flexible talent system with several branches and many options for character development and summoned heroes
    * Artifacts that allow you to infinitely enhance the character and heroes
    * Equipment system (armor) with many levels
    * Endless battles in various locations
    * Many monsters and opponents
    * More than 14 different heroes who can be called for help
    * The system of active and passive earning gold through quests
    * Powerful abilities and power-ups to help you defeat monsters
    * Lots of achievements and player ratings!

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