Voxel Crusher – Hypercasual Trendy Mobile Game

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 Voxel Crusher –

“A Voxel Demolition Game”

Voxel Crusher is a hypercasual mobile game that has made his proofs. Constantly going up and down in the iOS App Store Top Free Games category.

Your players will have to control a Robot equiped with a circular saw and demolish the voxel structure as fast as possible.

Two main upgrades are available :

  • The Length of the Robot
  • The Fuel Level of the Robot


Try out the game : Voxel Crusher APK



Here is a list of some of the features of the game:

  • Admob & Unity Ads ( You decide ) [ Banner + Interstitial ]

  • Robot Upgrades

  • Popping Colors

  • 30 Levels ( Some levels take some time to complete ) 

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Satisfying Gameplay

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