Block Escape

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Block Escape is a challenging mobile puzzle game where the player must move the red block all the way to the right side of the game board. Other blocks must be moved out of the way of the red block in order for it to escape!

The project comes with a Level Creator editor tool which can be used to generate more/new level files. The level creator can generate 6x6 levels with up to 30 moves.

Demo apk ->


  • Drag blocks on the board in order to clear a path so the red block can escape.
  • Undo button so the player can undo previous block moves.
  • Reset button so the player can reset the board back to the beginning and try again.
  • Comes with Level Creator Editor Window to easily create new levels.
  • Organize levels into Bundles / Packs.
  • Each completed level earns a star, collected stars can be used to unlock level packs.
  • Packs can be locked, players must spend coins, earn stars, or make an in-app purchase to unlock them.
  • Players can use hints which will show them how to complete the level.
  • Coins are rewarded for completing levels, coins can be used to purchase Packs or to use hints.
  • Game saves its state so the player doesn't lose their progress.
  • Supports AdMob and Unity Ads for Banner, Interstitial, and Reward Ad types!
  • Supports IAP for removing ads, purchasing coins, or unlocking packs.
  • Clean, formatted, and commented code.
  • Designed for Android and iOS portrait layout.

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