Picture Coloring - Color By Numbers Game

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Version 3 Update!

The level creation and loading systems have been completely re-written to greatly improve performance. The asset now creates texture atlases for levels to render in game and uses the Unity Addressables system to efficiently load the texture atlases.

Picture Coloring is a color by numbers game where the player taps the regions of the picture to color them in! Select the correct colors and color all the regions to complete the picture!

Comes with an Editor Tool to create new levels, all you need is a colored in image and an image with just the lines, the tool will take care of everything else!


● Custom Editor Tool: Create new levels from PNG images.

● Categories: Levels are place into categories that the player can browse on the Library screen.

● Hints: Players can use a hint to zoom in on the smallest region of the currently selected color.

● Coins: Players can gets coins for completing levels, coins can be used to unlock other levels.

● Level Locking: Levels can be locked until the player spends coins to unlock them.

● Level Rewards: Players can be awarded a hint or coins for completing levels.

● Saving: Game saves it's state so the player never loses their progress. Save file is encrypted so players cannot easily changed the save data.

● Ads: Comes with AdMob and Unity Ads support for Banners, Interstitial, and Reward Ads.

● Reward Ads: Players can view a reward ad to get a hint when they are all out of hints.

● IAP: Game setup to remove ads or purchase coins.

Designed for Android and iOS devices.

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