Tangram Puzzle – Unity Template Project

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java, xml, psd, png

Tangram Puzzles is a complete mobile puzzle game where the player must place shapes on the game board in the correct spot so that all shapes fit on the grid. Enjoy creating shapes with Tangram Puzzles, the famous puzzle game for children and adults.Tangram is a worldwide-known game that allows children to develop psychomotor and intellectual capacities and introduces concepts of geometry in a playful way. this game is perfect for kids of all ages. Create puzzles and mosaics using your spatial intelligence! Tangram consists of 7 pieces composed of squares, triangles, and rectangles with different straight and oblique angles. Kids will enjoy creating figures with different shapes and colors (yellow, red, blue, green, orange, and purple. The project comes with a Level Creator editor tool that can generate randomly created levels to be played in the Game. This game helps you reduce time to build a similar game easily. You do not need to know any programming language to configure and use it. It is very easy to fill it with your own tasks, make UI changes, change your Admob ID and start to gain experience in promoting your game and earning money. We will support you until you feel the most satisfaction with this asset.

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