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The gameplay can be classic side-scrolling shooter of full featured third person shooter. You can combine both camera views in one game.

Core gameplay is 100% ready and completely tested.All mechanics, score system, weapons shop is coded and ready for usage.

The game was not published on any mobile platforms.


  • Pure 3D;
  • Ten types of weapon (you can add more);
  • 3 locations templates – day, desert sunset, scare night(with flashlight), 3 levels per location already done;
  • Weapon shop;
  • In-App Purchases;
  • Ads SDK (Unity Built-in and high quality Stan’s AdMob SDK);
  • Weapon, ammo, armor, medical pick-up system;
  • Score system;
  • Perk system (six perks):
  • Four zombie model types;
  • Detailed zombie dismemberment;
  • AI bots – Male and Female (they can handle weapons and shoot you). Bots have five skin variants per model:
  • Multiplayer support (Photon Cloud). Demo included.
  • A lot of high quality assets for level building and game customizing (above 600$ in total);
  • Professional and expensive zombie and main player animation packs included (more than 150 anim);
  • Mid-End mobile optimized;
  • Lifetime tech support and project updates;

Performance test:

45-60 fps running on iPhone 5S(Metal API) (blob shadow on dyn objects)
30-60 fps running in iPhone 5S(Metal API) realtime shadowing + baked on static objects.

Project Demos

Android APK(ES3) – full-featured graphics(recommended);

Android APK(ES2) – lite graphics but faster(for low-end devices);

Windows x64 (7zip self extacting) – just for demo(check readme.txt);

WebGL 2.0


The documentation is available for all customers. See Doc folder in code archive.

Attention for all buyers. Before adding any third party assets or updating something like Unity IAP you have to make at least one Android build to make sure that everything works!

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